What to Expect After Undergoing Cosmetic Lip Injections

Anyone that has purchased lip products, cosmetics or other formulas promising to give them fuller lips will probably be surprised to hear that Volbella Facial Injections actually work. James Christian Cosmetics uses this product to erase fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and plump up thin lips for a pouty and natural look. Before undergoing this type of treatment it is normal to have many questions. Here is what people should expect after receiving the injections.

Side Effects are Mild

Some slight swelling, minimal bleeding or bruising where the injection occurred is natural and will fade quickly. Makeup will usually cover the bruising and can be safely applied the day after the treatment is performed. Reduce swelling by sleeping with the head slightly elevated and apply ice packs to the lips every few hours immediately following the treatment.

The Lips Stay Natural

Pouty lips are easily possible with this product without the over-filled bee sting look that many people fear. In fact, it is possible for the staff at James Christian Cosmetics to fill in lip lines without even adding any noticeable volume if that is what the client prefers. Even better, the lips continue to feel natural too. There will be the same sensations as ever when eating, applying makeup and kissing. Volbella mixing a numbing agent with their product to reduce discomfort during the injection but the numb sensation will fade shortly after the treatment ends.

The Results Will Last

The final result will last for most clients for up to nine months and some may have fuller lips for as long as a year. Additional sessions can take place whenever the client desires. They can have more product added for even fuller lips or use the additional sessions simply to maintain their appearance. It is also important to know that the lips will look like they originally did and not become saggy or deflated once the product has been absorbed into the system.

Before and after photographs from James Christian Cosmetics make it easy for people to see what they should expect from their treatment. Very dramatic changes in lip fullness or treating deep wrinkles will require more than one session in order to look natural. It can take a few days for the swelling to entirely subside and the final look to be revealed. Anyone with skin conditions like frequent cold sores, eczema and psoriasis should consult with the aesthetician performing the treatment prior to beginning the session to learn how the injections could affect them.

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